"But ah'm not afraid of dyin'. Cause I know that when I get to heaven there are gonna be these wonderful trees, and ah'm gonna climb them. But you know what? Instead of leaves and flowers, those trees are gonna have fried eggs, and delicious Virginia ham, and big heaping bowls of biscuits and sausage gravy. And one day, Sammy, you're gonna meet me there, and we're gonna climb those breakfast trees together, and it's gonna be delicious and we're gonna be happy until the end of time."


Like Puzzle Pieces from the Clay

I've been trying to post for some time now, but in the words of the inimitable Ani Difranco, "I got kinda...distracted."

Life is getting sweeter all around on a daily basis. You'll hear no complaints from me on this.
Though I have to say it is rather difficult to maintain the required amount of nonchalance when everything in your current periphery is so damn momentous. I know I'm not the first (or even the second, or the third) to announce the arrival of this cutie, but I'm mentioning it anyway, because it's neat. Like everyone else, I'm entirely mystified by the whole business. Miracle of life and all that. Like whoa.

My mom was ordained (again) today. This was the big one. She got a sash. A red sash. I'm sure it has a more official name than sash, but it wears much like one of those beauty queen jobs. An oddity: even after ten plus years, I can still jump through the liturgical hoops on auto-pilot. I can't describe how that disturbs me. Still, I was really proud of my mom, who finally found what she wanted to do when she grew up.

Next on the agenda, to no one's surprise, is the wedding of the century, which I could not be more excited and anxious about if it were my own.

I'm delighted for everyone, most especially me, because I'm looking down on all this from a wonderfully high place.