"But ah'm not afraid of dyin'. Cause I know that when I get to heaven there are gonna be these wonderful trees, and ah'm gonna climb them. But you know what? Instead of leaves and flowers, those trees are gonna have fried eggs, and delicious Virginia ham, and big heaping bowls of biscuits and sausage gravy. And one day, Sammy, you're gonna meet me there, and we're gonna climb those breakfast trees together, and it's gonna be delicious and we're gonna be happy until the end of time."


Holding Hands and Throwing Rocks

Last night we had our first Craft Center Prom. The dancing was fantastic, the Hunch Punch was superb, and I'm sure everyone had a great time. Too bad no one remembers any of it. It's always a shame when the hangovers last longer than the memories.

I've had quite a lot to say lately, but I still haven't gotten the part where I say it. All in good time, or maybe when they turn on my internet and I can stop posting from the student lounge where every few seconds someone comes by and asks if I'm almost done.

Anyway, here's hopes Adam's trip to Gulfport is speedy, and safe.