"But ah'm not afraid of dyin'. Cause I know that when I get to heaven there are gonna be these wonderful trees, and ah'm gonna climb them. But you know what? Instead of leaves and flowers, those trees are gonna have fried eggs, and delicious Virginia ham, and big heaping bowls of biscuits and sausage gravy. And one day, Sammy, you're gonna meet me there, and we're gonna climb those breakfast trees together, and it's gonna be delicious and we're gonna be happy until the end of time."


Without a Hitch

You haven't lived until you've dragged your still-drunk/hungover ass from bed early in the morning to rehydrate, and found a tent city outside your kitchen window. I have no idea where the weekend went, but I had a wonderful one, nonetheless. I do not generally indulge in boastfulness, but I think I threw one badass party. But only because I heard about it all day today. The weather actually cooperated, and so did all attendees, with the exception of Bennett, who is on my shitlist for somehow (drunk?) using every dish in the kitchen to make simple hamburgers. A rousing cheer for Anna, Randy, Sewell, Ray, Amanda, and Adiffany for going those extra several miles just for my lil ol' shindig. My sympathies to Rhys on his vehicular woes, and a grand thanks to Tolsun and Rhys for transforming my last comment thread from barren wasteland of Chuck love to comedy gold.
Here I'll refrain from indulging in a huge recap, because you really just had to be there. I snapped a few pictures, but it was dark and drunk people hate flashes. Today, we enjoyed the finest in Smithvillian cuisine for brunch, and strolled about the school grounds until it was time to return to our repective realities. And the next thing I know it's Monday morning. What a great weekend, I hope everyone who didn't make it had a great one too.
That should get me through to Fall Break.