"But ah'm not afraid of dyin'. Cause I know that when I get to heaven there are gonna be these wonderful trees, and ah'm gonna climb them. But you know what? Instead of leaves and flowers, those trees are gonna have fried eggs, and delicious Virginia ham, and big heaping bowls of biscuits and sausage gravy. And one day, Sammy, you're gonna meet me there, and we're gonna climb those breakfast trees together, and it's gonna be delicious and we're gonna be happy until the end of time."


I thought you said School's Out Forever...

My lack of posts for the last week presents me with multitudinous problems of where to start. Some highlights from last week:
-Trip to Athens was fantastic, it was good to see Jen thriving in her new environs, and it's nice to know everyone else is alive. A plus to see Anna Nero, fresh off her teaching gig in the godforsaken area of Georgia.
-Amish People at the IWF. Imagine crowds of Amish men and women, in full regalia (such as it is) checking out the latest in industrial woodworking machinery. We're not talking about table saws here, people, I mean gigantic computer-controlled monsters the size of city blocks. And cute Amish guys in their hats and suspenders, rocking promotional pins given out by exhibitors with little flashing LED'S. Awesome.
-After getting lost on the way to Ross's sister's new dorm, we discovered it was right across the street from Rhys's apartment. I mean, they could use a tin-can telephone to communicate. Small world we got going on here.

Now, here we are at the first day of school. Uncle Sam and I are investing a lot of time and money into my college education, but I'll pass on what I learned today to you for free. Consider it a gift.
1. Elections are a sham. (Plurality, Plurality with Elimination, and Borda count method all produce different winners in the same election)
2. The red soil in Tennessee is called Ultisol.

That's about it for today's lesson. There are no less than 6 Craft Center kids in my Math for dummies class. I arrived in my chemistry lecture to see a large, hell's angel's type (large, black t-shirt, vest with buttons, beret, beard..the works) shuffling papers around. I thought, this will be great. I started messing with my notebook, and when I looked up, he had been replaced with a tiny Chinese man. The guy is so cute, though. His powerpoint slide titles are the best :"Smokestack with Nasty Smoke" and "Nasty dishcharge at river." He should be fun though, he has a very earthy zen thing going on, I think.
I'd love to bore you with more details of my first day, but it ain't over yet. I may not have internet at my house yet, but the upside of having to go to Tech every damn day is Wi-fi in every classroom. Here's to Fall 2004, kids, may it be swift.


Why does it have to be so hard?

So I've failed miserably at posting for the last few days. I've been in Athens (Georgia not Greece, unfortunately). "In Athens" is fairly synonamous with "drunk" interchangeable, really. The first night we were there, we took advantage of 6 free wings with every drink at Molly O'Shea's. I think I ate about 48 wings, you can do the math on how many Maker's and Cokes that is.
Further complicating my posting abilities has been those annoying tears that inevitably blur up the screen whenever I read someone else's page. And Jen's laptop, which freezes whenever you ask it to do something fairly important. Like publish a post. I also attempted several e-mails that were sent off into oblivion. I hope to catch up on those soon.
Now, however, I have my own laptop. I went with the tricked out G4 ibook, which would be rocking 512MB of RAM right now if my bank hadn't put a daily limit on my checkcard. I suppose I can wait a day. Ross picked up an ipod for himself (and me, whether he likes it or not), so now we're a full-on Mac family. I'm currently freezing my ass off in the Business Library of our hotel in downtown Atlanta, while he rubs elbows with other wood student/designers. Tomorrow we have a whole damn day of IWF madness to contend with. Gee, how I look forward to this. I'm personally looking forward to "raw materials" and "adhesives", though I'm sure the "grinding products" will be fun too.
I appreciate all the nice things everyone said about the last post. I thought it did a pretty shabby job of summing up my myriad of feelings, but nonetheless. I still need to write a host of e-mail. I consider it a great improvement that I can now fire off a post without so much as one tear. I've been a huge crybaby as of late.
We move on.
A slight change in plans puts us in Chattanooga this Saturday night, so if you happen to be in that area at that time, please give me a call. We'll be crashing at Rhys's place, and seeing Anderson's "concept" band "Beyonce" at LaMars. I'm very excited about this. I hear they put on a hell of a show.

Rest in peace, Noah and Joker. We'll miss you. Have you hugged your pet today?

Listening to: Some jackass on his phone who doesn't seem to realize there are five other people in this room who don't want to hear him wank about his DSL line at home.


Burnin' Rubber Tires

So. This is it, I guess. Last post from the 'ridge.
It was entirely too fitting that Garden State was my last movie in town. I can draw so many parallels that I won't even try to go into it in public forum.
Do you ever have a dream that just makes you so happy that you refuse to let it go when you wake up? Like you can fly, or you meet someone amazing, or you have a money vault you can swim in, like Scrooge McDuck. You wake up, and you're so attached to your dream that you shut your eyes and try as hard as you can to get back to that place, you refuse to believe that it could possibly be over, because it was so perfect. The rest of the day pales in comparison, and it breaks your heart to know that, like all the dreams that came before, it will just be a distant memory by that afternoon, and that night, it will be replaced with an entirely new dream, one that couldn't possibly fill the void it left.
Well, that pretty much sums up Summer 2004.
And I'll be shutting my eyes as tight as I can, trying to bring it back, for as long as possible.
The best of luck to you, take care of yourselves, and try not to do anything I would do.


Still not the end

So, I'm thinking tomorrow night is my last night in town. I'm also thinking it's $2 drafts at my favorite Old City watering hole. The implication should be clear enough, but in case you're suffering from recent head trauma: please join me for beers at the Urban Bar Thursday night, if you're still around.
I'm putting off wrapping up this summer o' monkey love because to do so would mean admitting it's over. And it's not over, dammit. As far as I'm concerned, it will never be over.
'Cause I love you guys.
Even the person from rentafiretruck.com, whoever the hell you are.

Watching: Sixteen Candles


This Channel is Parentally Controlled

I'm not the only one! We are many (and this one has great comments). And this one is good. And what the fuck happened to this? Heads should be rolling right now. Asshat is a GREAT word for Bob Costas.
I'm not entirely sure why I've taken this particular issue to heart. I think it's because I'm so pissed about the Bjork (found it!*) thing. I did write a letter to NBC today, giving them a large chunk of my grey matter, something I've never done. I get the feeling I won't be forgiving NBC or Costas and Couric anytime soon. And I loved Bob so in the epic adventure Pootie Tang.
In other news, Collateral was pretty badass, and Jesse's badass for taking me to see it. And also for enduring my parking lot rhetoric afterwards. Sometimes you just get on a talking bent, you know?
Speaking of bents: in case you're like me, and just can't get enough hating on Bob and Katie in one day, here's some more for you:
Daily Nexus
Bob and Katie Must Die
Okay, that's more than enough, but it's just nice to know we weren't the only ones yelling at the screen. Bob and Katie really did bring us all a little closer together, knowing that at least half the country was screaming "Shut the fuck up!" right along with us.

*-If you want to see the actual video for the song (not the live performance) you should go here. Click the Medulla Player icon on the top right.


What a long, strange trip....ehh screw it.

To all my friends on this, my last week in town.

Last Night: Drive-in madness- Raising Helen (no stars and someone should be shot) and The Village (3.5 stars)
Tonight: Collateral free-ride date with Jesse and the Mikes.

I will be waxing nostalgic sometime soon, I'm sure. Just a warning.


One more for the road

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


Quater Oaks

I have so many things I want to write about, but screw that for now. For now I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank Katie Couric and Bob Costas for RUINING (I mean utterly DECIMATING) the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Especially, but definitely not limited to, the Bjork performance that would have been moving and beautiful, had it not been for their unnecessary and infuriating prattle. I hate you, Milkman Bob and Katie.

Google strikes again and again (play with the menu up top...enter the sex room if you dare).
A big thanks to Mike's parents for going out of town. I hear wispers of The Village and Goldie Hawn's daughter's movie at the drive-inn Sunday; am planning to attend, and bring friends. I am devastated I will miss Alien vs. Predator/Anacondas Part Deux.
I noticed today a canoe paddle is surprisingly like a blowpipe when rolled along the rails of a canoe. This must mean I'm almost ready to go back to school.
Uh-oh...yerba mate in the room....

Listening to: Nostalgic Progression- Just Another Crew Song


This isn't one of THOSE is it?

"This music makes me happy to be alive."

You know you're entirely mad when: You're sleeping in an abode sans internet access, and you pass an internet terminal in your dreams and think "Ooh, last chance to check my e-mail before I wake up..."

Thanks to Holly, for affirming what I've known all along. I have few special skills, but I've devoted the better part of my young adult life finely honing my abilities in certain areas. Namely, spending too much money and getting way too drunk. Yegads, my head. I wish I'd counted to jell-o shots I ingested, because I'm sure the number is staggering. I learned a valuable lesson last night: when the mice are at their grandparents, the cats will play. People with kids really know how to throw-down. One can assume this is because they have to fit a year of party into a single evening. I was glad to see The Hererras (and actually have conversations with Susan), as well as all those other people I sort of remember from back in the day. It's nice when someone you graduated with accuses you of looking too young to be at their over 21 only party. I think. I hope Heather had a very happy birthday, and I hope she feels better today than I do.
Sorry we kept you out so late, sleepy Keiran.

Drinking: Yerba Mate (addiction feeding time)
Watching: The Matrix (on TBS)



How long has it been?
We should have been arrested Friday night. I just want to point that out.
I went "home" this past weekend. I was to pick up a check. Chapter 606 was to refund me my trip to the Glass Art Society Conference.
Know what happens when you vote Republican?
Budget cuts. That's what happens. Thanks, Dad. $187 out of $400 ain't bad, I suppose. So long as I'm not left behind. I'll make it to NYC someday, I'm sure.
Friday night, washing dishes at my house, I mused "Damn, I wish we had a new faucet."
Be careful what you wish for, kids.
The following day, my wish was upgraded to the "stark reality" category, when I broke the handle off said faucet. And discovered my kitchen plumbing is constructed almost entirely of duct tape. I love the renting life.
Now I'm back. From outer space.
Took a nice walk, got my ass kicked (for the first time ever) at Cranium. Been drinking steadily since 6 pm today...it's 2 am now.
The summer is closing in. How to make it worth it?

Watching: Secretary (for the umpteenth time)